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Own website is standard

Today, a website is an indispensable element of the functioning of even a small company or sole proprietorship. According to the measurements carried out by Polish Internet Research, there are over 27 million Internet users in Poland who regularly use the Internet, communicating, searching for information, shopping and taking advantage of a wide range of entertainment. The development of mobile technologies has meant that responsive websites, adapting to any screen resolution, have become a standard. That is why nowadays more and more entrepreneurs pay attention to not only having their own website, but also making it visually attractive and adapted to various devices (computer, tablet, smartphone).

The advantage of the project over an internet creator

There are hundreds of "cheap" wizards, more or less advanced, on the Internet that allow you to create a website yourself. Unfortunately, many people do not pay attention to the fact that the given prices of wizards are annual prices, which in the perspective of several years significantly increases the costs. What's more, the functions of the vast majority of them are very limited and in fact you get little more than the ability to add a photo or choose the color of the site. However, the more advanced ones require at least basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Pages created in the wizard are overloaded with scripts and are often slow to load. By ordering a website created traditionally for your own needs, you get a light and standards-compliant website for which you pay only once.

I will create a simple website

As part of the service, I offer writing simple websites in HTML and CSS. In addition, each page will be automatically adapted to mobile screens (tablet, smartphone). The offer is directed primarily to private individuals and entrepreneurs starting their business, who want to have their own website presenting the offer at a low cost. My offer concerns the creation of cheap, simple and transparent websites, which are easy to edit from the source code level. I consult the website design with the client at every stage.

In addition, I offer to create an internet business card based on previously designed templates. All templates are adapted to different screen resolutions. The offer is addressed to all those who want to have their own business card on the Internet with basic information at a low cost. For more information, please contact me.

Responsive websites with clear code

Websites are written for different screen sizes. Assuming that there are a lot of devices with different screen diagonals on the market, I try to write websites for four conventional ranges of screen sizes with conventional names in the source code:

  • SMARTPHONES (smartphones and other small devices) with a screen resolution up to 600 pixels.
  • TABLETS (large smartphones, portrait tablets and landscape tablets) with a screen resolution from 601 to 900 pixels.
  • LAPTOPS (laptops and small desktop monitors) with a screen resolution from 901 to 1200 pixels.
  • COMPUTERS (large laptops and desktop computers) with a screen resolution from 1201 pixels.

Of course, these are contractual scopes that can be changed at the customer's request.

Przejrzysty kod źródłowy

Each website I create is written using a transparent source code with the necessary comments so that the website can be easily edited in the future by a person with a minimum knowledge of HTML and CSS. In addition, I use basic protection of the CSS code by minifying it, i.e. removing unnecessary spaces and comments. The visual effect manifests itself in the fact that an ordinary user, by displaying the source code of the page, usually by clicking the right mouse button and selecting the appropriate option, sees an opaque string of characters, while the website admin, after opening the CSS file in the editor, sees a readable source code with helpful comments. For more information, please contact me.

Cost of writing a website

Usually, the cost of writing a website for a small company reaches PLN 2,000 - 3,000 and depends largely on the company that creates it and the work put into its implementation. Pages based on CMS content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal are more expensive, but they make it easier for the user to edit later from the administration panel. On the other hand, traditional pages do not provide this option, they must be edited directly in the source code and usually require minimal knowledge of their structure. Therefore, it is important that the source code is clear and includes descriptive comments to facilitate its later editing.

Transparent prices with no hidden costs

I offer writing traditional websites without a CMS, so they are cheaper and less overloaded with the often unnecessary code that the CMS carries with it. The cost of writing a page on a template designed by me, consisting of a home page and four sample subpages such as a company description, offered products or services, price list or gallery, and contact details ranges from 600 to 850 PLN.

  • Price: from 200 PLN to 250 PLN for the home page.
  • Price: from PLN 100 to PLN 150 for each subpage.

The time needed to implement the project is about 2 weeks, but I guarantee that subsequent corrections will be made. It is the customer's responsibility to provide content, photos, images and other materials needed to be placed on the website. I offer proofreading of the submitted text and in case of problems with the selection of graphics, I help choose the right ones from online photo banks.

Before starting the service, an advance payment is required individually. For more information, please contact me.

Cost of creating an internet business card

Online business cards are created on the basis of previously designed templates. They have an attractive appearance and contain basic information about a person, company or services. They are equipped with a contact form and a map. They are available for inspection in the gallery.

All templates are characterized by a simple and easy to edit source code and a low price. The price given below includes the creation of an online business card based on the information and materials sent by the Ordering Party. The price does not include the cost of hosting the files. After paying, you will receive all the necessary files that you just need to upload to the server, connect the domain and you can enjoy your own business card on the internet! In addition, I offer advice on choosing the right domain and hosting as well as help in placing files on the server and connecting the domain to the internet business card.

  • Price of online business card: 300 zł.
  • Advance payment required: 100 zł.

The required advance payment is non-returnable when the Client resigns from the service after its implementation has started. The advance payment is deducted from the total amount to be paid at the time of payment. For more information, please contact me.

About the service:

  • I write websites in accordance with the standards based on HTML5 and CSS3.
  • I design all web pages by myself, paying great attention to details.
  • I create responsive websites, i.e. adapted to different screen resolutions.
  • Thanks to the use of clear code, they can be easily edited in the future.
  • I offer the possibility of inserting several free and proven scripts on the website.
  • As part of the service, I also offer simple graphics or animation for the website.
  • In the source code of the page, I put comments to facilitate its later editing.
  • I apply basic code protection on the server that makes it difficult to view by third parties.
  • I enable the embedding of non-standard fonts on the website, taking into account national characters.
  • I offer a slider or photo gallery that will increase the attractiveness of the website.
  • I offer to insert a contact form on the website and a map showing the address of the seat.
  • I offer to change the contrast of the website to a light or dark theme.
  • I help place add-ons on the website, e.g. video materials or social media links.
  • I help install Google Analytics script and cookie warning.
  • I offer an instruction to insert and edit content by the client.
  • I advise on choosing the right domain name and offer registration on behalf of the client.
  • I help in choosing a hosting offer and I offer placing the website on the server.